Cataclysm Auction House Secrets Guide

I’m about to reveal to you one of the simplest methods to make gold consistently in wow. It’s an application of a strategy I call ‘buying low and selling normal’, another method I’ve developed from playing this game for five years. The main point behind buying low and selling normal is to purchase items for cheap and then sell them for what players believe they are actually worth.

It sounds simple, but how many people say ‘buy low, sell high’ as if they could buy ore for half price and then sell it for double. That just doesn’t make sense and it doesn’t work!

OK now that you have the proper understanding of buying low and selling normal, how do you think it can be applied to make gold?

Go on the auction house right now and search in trade good for low bid items. Notice all the ore, metal, herbs and elemental items in there for low bids? Bidding on these is how you can get the items for ‘low’ and then you can sell them back for their normal value. Essentially, you can buy items for half price and sell for normal price.

How is this possible? Well the demand for mid level trade goods is rather sporadic, but when someone does need to buy items for power leveling professions, they end up buying all of them. Therefore, items might sit there for a full 48 hours, allowing you to bid on them for super cheap. The buyers aren’t going to be bidding because they want the items right this moment. Therefore, you can bid and win the item for resale or sell your own items and know that by the time they sell you will make far more than you bid on them. Doesn’t matter that it could take a week to sell something because you got it for so cheap.

The random demand also means that you can go a little higher than normal value because the person buying doesn’t care, they just want their skill ups right now.

This is just one of many cataclysm secrets you can learn on the auction house.