A Lottery Syndicate – Pros and Cons

It is widely accepted that a lottery syndicate is about the best way to play in any lottery if you are looking to increase your odds of winning. In fact, more than one quarter of all lottery jackpot wins are collected by syndicates. These lotto syndicates are typically formed by groups of workmates or friends who have the one goal of boosting their lottery winning chances. By clubbing together in this manner allows each participant of the syndicate more potential winning entries while at the same time keeping expenditure to a minimum.

Being a syndicate member can come with a considerable odds advantage especially if the syndicate has a larger number of individuals participating. However, being a syndicate member does have its downside.

The first and probably most obvious negative aspect of a syndicate is the fact that all winnings are split between all members of the syndicate equally. Therefore, the more syndicate members there are, the lower the payout each of these members will receive. As a result, a sizable lotto syndicate win may only generate enough cash for each member to pay for a holiday or a new car; but certainly not give up the day job and buy a luxury yacht! As long as each member is aware of this eventuality then everyone should be happy.

The second problem of lottery syndicates directly relates to the point made above. Stories can occasionally be found in the press relating to a greedy syndicate member(s) who is reluctant to share out the prize to colleagues and attempt to keep it all for them self. This can certainly be a big problem if the syndicate has been set up informally. If this is the case each of the aggrieved members have then got to prove legally that they have indeed been duped. There have also been cases where a syndicate member has lost their share of the prize money due to late or non payment of their entry fee. Such cases often lead to legal action being sought.

The third problem that may arise if no formal syndicate agreement is in place is that of inheritance tax issues. If the head of the syndicate collects the prize money and then “gifts” each member their equal share, then this tax could very likely become a consideration for each of these members.

There are ways in which such problems can be limited thus making everyone’s lives a lot simpler. If the syndicate is formed using a legally binding lottery syndicate agreement then any of the issues mentioned here will become a thing of the past. Such agreements can be downloaded from your lottery provider’s website and in many cases can be collected from a lottery retailer.

There is no real doubt that the benefits of joining a lottery syndicate far outweigh the negative aspects involved. If the syndicate if set up legally as mentioned, the only things you really have to worry about are paying your money in each week and planning what you will do with the money when your lotto syndicate hits the big one.

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Starting a Private Server – Attracting Players, Having Fun, Profiting

Some of you maybe already own one or multiple private servers; some of you may yet be starting out with your very first private server, thinking: “wow, how do I compete with servers that already have over 500 or more players?” In general, you don’t. Here’s a couple of practical tips and information you need to think about.

Lots of mmorpg players

The reason most servers have a high player base is that because they have been around for a couple of years, or their owners already spent (a lot) of money advertising the server using different methods.

When starting a private server, your main goal should be to entertain your player base, make them feel like they are part of your community, not a money making machine. A lot of people want to create a private server because they think it will make them money, well; it CAN make you money.

Starting a private server is much like starting an internet business, I will take it upon me to quote one line from an e-book I have read, the line states “Knowing, Caring, Profiting”, and these are exactly the steps you need to take to start a successful private server.

You will need to KNOW what tools are required for starting the private server; tools can be money, hardware, knowledge, connections.

You genuinely need to CARE about your server; this means everything that comes with it: players (community), scripts (setting up custom content), server (maintaining a lag-free environment). This is of course not everything, but these are probably the issues you will mostly be busy with.

After you gain all knowledge that is needed to set up the server, as well as showing that you actually care for the players and the community by participating in play or running awesome events, you can PROFIT from it by asking for donations in exchange for items or services.


Knowing also means that you know which type of private server you want to run, this goes hand in hand with caring for the content and topic your server is started for; if you do not care about World of Warcraft, do NOT start a World of Warcraft private server. You might want to be tempted to do this because WoW is very popular, but this also means that there are a lot of other private servers trying to make money from it as well.

Another part of knowing is diving into the documentation that comes with the private servers, setting it up is relatively easy, you can set up a Ragnarok Online private server within 15 minutes and have players coming to it. The main thing your server will need to even remotely compete with others is “content”; yes, every game has its own content but why would players come to a server that has 0-10 players instead of one that has 1000+ and has some custom weapons? Exactly; they won’t.

This means you will have to think of unique content that players would like to see, you can either have someone create the content for you for a price, or do it yourself. Depending on your financial situation this may vary. If you choose to let others create content/scripts, it’s always good to at least know something about it so you can provide valuable input.

You could ask around on various forums what players really want to see in a private server, and work with that, once it’s finished, you can then advertise your server together with the announcement that you have this ‘elite’ content they wanted.

Not only content is important, you will also need to know and keep track of updates that the emulator provides, so you can stay up to date on your server and have the latest bug fixes and content.

“Enthusiasm is the first and most critical ingredient to building a successful private server.”


Like I said before, you will need to care about every aspect of your private server if you want to profit from it. This is exactly why you need to pick a game you are comfortable with; maybe you have played the game yourself. You will need to be enthusiastic about it and you should have fun running the private server altogether.

Look for enthusiasm, not money. Money is always nice, but it should not be your main focus. If you enjoy running your server, players will enjoy walking and jumping about on it, and will genuinely feel that they are a part of your community. This results in these players inviting their friends to play with them on your server (word of mouth) and will eventually result in increased traffic on your server.

I will discuss marketing your private server in an upcoming article, we will discuss how you can gain initial players to start with and keep them coming.

“Enthusiasm breeds success and success will bring in profits.”

Like I said before, you will need to care about every aspect of your private server if you want to profit from it. This is exactly why you need to pick a game you are comfortable with; maybe you have played the game yourself. You will need to be enthusiastic about it and you should have fun running the private server altogether.

Patience is also a concept of caring for your private server. Of course you will want to have 50 players running about on the server within the first week, but unless you have attained credibility through another source (friend/marketing/being famous), this is unlikely to happen.

Setting up a server is easy, maintaining a server is hard work. When you start out, nobody knows your server even exists, so obviously you will have zero to none players. You will have to create awareness of it to attract players.

You need patience:

  • As you gain your first players
  • As you gain enough players to profit from it enough to cover the monthly hosting costs
  • For word of mouth to spread between players so they come play on YOUR server
  • To see how well your advertisement and awareness techniques have worked out.
  • For your reputation to succeed you

“Simply put, you need patience to achieve what you want to achieve.”


After your server has a vast traffic base you can start asking for donations. Maybe you have already done this when you started your server and received a few dollars in the process. The more players you have the more profit you will gain from donations.

On private servers, donations mostly go hand in hand in exchange for items; the player pays an amount of cash in exchange for an item or credits, which can be used to purchase items ingame. This is probably the most popular method of profiting from a private server.

When you receive great amounts of profit, do not start to neglect your server, remember that your income is dependent on the players, and when they leave; so does your cash flow.

Re-invest your profits into the server:

  • Create an extra ‘realm’ or ‘world’
  • Redesign the website by making it easier to access
  • Provide a 3 way system for players to join (3 steps “register, download, play”).
  • Advertise your server on toplist sites such as mmotop100.net
  • Use Google AdWords to redirect players to your website

There are countless methods you can use to invest your profits to gain even more players.

“Remember: Players = Profit = Players”

That’s all I have to offer at this moment, I will write an article about how you can improve awareness of your server, market it and attract new players.

Tell me about your private server experiences, which methods do you use to advertise and create awareness for it, how long did it take for your server to have a vast amount of players?

Michael Eskander: Australian Bookmaker

Add the traditional element of rails bookmaking to the modern element represented by the Internet.

Where the two meet, you’re very likely to find Michael Eskander with one hand swinging the bag, and one hand clicking the mouse.

Wagering and the computer seem to represent a match made in heaven. With his corporate bookmaking entity, Betstar, Eskander and his family offer gamblers around the world the ability to wager on everything imaginable, including soccer, golf, football, motorsports, cricket, tennis, rugby league and more, offering punters both telephone and online horse betting services.

Before anyone had heard of the Internet, Eskander was a rails bookmaker who emigrated from Egypt in 1966 and spent the next 18 years in various industries before being granted his first bookmaker’s license in 1984, allowing him to field at tracks all across Australia.

Eskander will in most likelihood never completely abandon the rails for the computer punt. It would seem that the face-to-face aspect of the big bookie versus the high roller holds far too much attraction for him. Evidence the duels he staged with “Fast” Eddie Hayson, where he managed to dig a $300,000 pit for Hayson, which, incidentally it was alleged, required intervention by the Victorian Supreme Court in order for Eskander to collect on the obligation. At least he ended up with the cash and didn’t have to accept the somewhat dubious potential of an untried thoroughbred, which was the lot of the Waterhouses.

Nonetheless, Betstar has secured a place as one of the dominant online sports betting portals.

Michael and his son Alan were compelled to relocate Betstar operations to Darwin in 2007, when government bureaucrats in Victoria raised issues and placed restrictions on the Betstar operation that ultimately resulted in a turnover revenue and jobs loss tally estimated at $100 million annually fleeing Victoria and coming to rest in the Northern Territory.

Betstar offers unique and popular betting products involving the tote with a 5% bonus, top fluc and fixed odds wagering, along with a highly renowned Cups double wager for longshot lovers. It is even possible to wager on election outcomes and competitive eating competitions.

Eskander is a vocal proponent of regulation rather than prohibition, as it seems reasonable to expect, when it comes to the subject of gambling. His stance is that the overwhelming majority of punters are recreational and self controlled, so that the small minority that acts irresponsibly in a manner to bring disgrace to the sports betting industry needs to be managed out in the open as opposed to being forced underground. This would seem to represent a reasonable approach, even given Eskander’s obvious self interest in the topic, and anyone with any sense whatsoever of history well knows that total prohibition is a cure worse than the disease.

Eskander, through Betstar, cites the analogy of gambling and alcohol. Most Australians, he maintains, like to have a drink and do so responsibility, despite the small minority that overindulge.

Eskander’s additional involvement in politics extends to his role in the 2008 campaign that resulted in the lifting of the ban on advertising that had prevented bookmakers from the other states from advertising in Victoria and New South Wales. The end result of this action was the prospect of corporate sponsorship and large infusions of capital for major events.

His dominant position overall would seem one of pragmatic tones. The Internet is not going to go away; gambling is not going to go away. Much better, according to him, to regulate and generate tax revenues that would benefit society rather than drive that revenue underground, concentrating it in the criminal sector.

The Eskander family is a prime example of the opportunities offered by a society that is open and willing to embrace the future. Michael Eskander’s honouring of traditional rails bookmaking, despite the well-publicized occasional dust up with a Waterhouse now and again, along with son Alan and daughter Lisa’s foray into the future presented by the World Wide Web, place Australia in the vanguard of the effort to provide legitimate, above-board avenues for sports wagering.

How To Recover Website From Google Penalty

If you are a blogger or running your own business, then you would know that getting a Google penalty on your website is one of the most significant setbacks that you can get. It can significantly drop your traffic, and today many websites get penalized for violating Google’s guidelines.

It is reported by Matt Cutts, that Google takes every month over 400,000 manual actions. Google penalizes many websites with the use of algorithmic updates like Penguin and Panda. It is a known fact that only 20,000 webmasters submit a request for reconsideration.

Why you got penalized?

Before finding the solution, you must find out the reason for which you got penalized. There might be several reasons for it, and if you see a sudden traffic drop, then you should check that if Google’ e every guideline is being followed.

Some of the reasons for which you might have gotten penalized have been mentioned below:

  • You might have used low-quality links or backlinks. Backlinks from the website that violate Google’s guidelines might be responsible for your penalization.
  • You might have hidden some text from the users using CSS.
  • You might have used links from adult or gambling websites.
  • You might have used duplicate content.

You also need to identify what type of Algorithmic penalty you have got. You can do this by noting the periods. You need to note down the time your website lost traffic, and the time the Google updated their search algorithm.

How to recover from penalization?

Now there are many ways you can recover from this penalization. It is reported that 95% of all the Google penalties are linked to the website’s backlinking profile. So you should first remove all the bad and cheap backlinks that you have been using on your website.

Now you might need to see if your website has suffered from a Google Penguin update. As if it has suffered from a Google Penguin update you might need to have a look at your anchor text distribution. This update usually penalizes those websites that over-optimized their money keywords.

Another significant issue is regarding the promotion of your business and website. Google is seriously against, sponsored content that quickly passes the PageRank. If you desire of promoting your business services on a blog, then you should use a nofollow attribute so that your rankings can be safe.

If you have a website that is entirely based on content, then you might have enabled comments for your content. You know that not every comment is a genuine comment, so you need to get rid of those spam comments. Everyone hates the spammers, and Google knows this. If your website has many spam comments, then your website might get penalized.

Another critical factor is “niche”. Google gives much importance to relevancy. So if you have links from other websites that are unrelated to your niche, then this is a lousy indication about your website to Google. This will quickly get your website penalized.

Well, these were some of the primary reasons as well as remedies for the penalization. These solutions can help you get your website’s ranking back.